New Delhi : Mediation and legal aid” will be provied to Labours by helpline called the " India Labourline "


 The “mediation and legal aid” helpline called the ‘India Labourline’. A worker seeking support can call the toll-free number (1800 833 9020) to be connected to tele-counsellors. The helpline focuses particularly on informal and migrant workers as several labor laws do not address wage and social security rights of these people. The setting up of the helpline “has become even more pertinent when one considers the chaos caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the dismal lack of mechanisms to provide relief and assistance, especially to migrant workers,”.

The Working People’s Charter (WPC) initiative of labour helpline number for providing assistance to the all sector workers through mediation and legal aid help is very helpful for the workers. Workers are happy as they get the immediate assistance from this helpline number.
The primary target group of the Helpline will be the informal sector workers, with a special focus on migrant workers. Broadly our target sectors will include construction, manufacturing, hospitality, factory work, domestic work, head loading, recycling, home-based work and Industrial workers. We will focus both workers employed in waged work as well piece-rate work since both modes of employment are pervasive in the informal sector. With regard to self-employed workers (such as street vendors), we propose to provide them information on their rights and entitlements, government schemes that they are eligible for and procedures for legal recourse in case of police harassment and other rights violations.

India Labourline has provide the following services to the workers :-

•    Information and access to entitlements and government schemes for informal sector workers such as PF, ESIC, Gratuity, BoCW registrations etc.
•    Registration and resolution of disputes and rights violations such as non-payment of wages/over-time benefits; non-payment of compensation in the event of an accident; forced retrenchment; bonded labour including child labour and trafficking; verbal and physical abuse as well as mental harassment and victimization.
•    Information on procedures to be adopted in the event of rights violations, for instance: filing FIR at the police station, filing a complaint with the Labour Court etc.
•    Issues faced by women workers such as sexual harassment at the work place, trafficking and domestic violence.
•    Issues that are not resolved through counseling and mediation will be taken to litigation, subject to the willingness of the aggrieved worker as well as the competence of the state level partners handling the issue.